Punjabi Turban Styles

punjabi turban styles

Punjabi turban styles are covered in this article. The meaning of turban is different for each religion and society, but at the end of the day, it is a symbol of unity and respect. A turban is a form of headgear which is traditionally used by men in India. Turbans have now become a sort of fashion. Without turban Sikh doesn’t look great, the turban is a crown of Sikh head. There are three most generally worn colors which are – white, blue, and saffron orange. Nowadays most men and women tend to co-ordinate the color of the turban with their outfit. A turban can be tied in many styles, both for men and women. So here is a list of Punjabi turban styles for men.

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1. Patiala Shahi Turban

Patiala Shahi turban is the king of turbans. It has a special royalty in it. it’s the only turban which suits every face. When we talk about Patiala shahi turban, the word SHAHI gives the feel of Royalty. Today the entire generation young, elders and old they all prefer to tie this Punjabi turban style.

2. Sikh Turban

Sikh Turban is a symbol of equality. There are several styles to worn Sikh turban. The turban styles, length, and size change with the society and religion. In some Sikh followings, the women also wear a Sikh turban. Nonetheless, how to tie a turban for Sikh women is distinctive from the men.

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3. Morni Turban

This is the type of Punjabi turban style which has been worn for years and years in the Punjabi culture. This can be used in any nature of moment owing to its significance and beauty. Morni turban gives an impression of something neat and simple which is very genuine looking.

4. Wattan Wali Turban

This type of turban has gone recently in drift in Punjabi society and is overshadowing every other style of Sikh turban. It is promoted by every Sikh Punjabi model on social media. Wattan wali turban is the representation of a simple and desi Punjabi type of personality. Again, this is the new most significant trend in Punjabi clothing industry.

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